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The Grayboe Ridgeback comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. From m81 style camo to just about anything else you can imagine from their custom shop. The stock weighs approximately 3.75 pounds. Right hand and yes left as well, several MLOK slots to mount whatever you need. Adjustable cheek piece and (LOP) length of pull. The stock overall feels really good in the shoulder, it has a high quality feel with a slight texture that helps while caring from one position to the next. For the price I think you'd be very happy. The only thing I would recommend is a cheek pad. This will help those with higher cheek bones and be more comfortable during longer periods of shooting. 

The Kelbly Koda

Since I already had a stock to drop this barreled action into I didn't have a need for the stock this comes with.

The Kelbly Koda was built with the hunter in mind. With the rifle weighing in at only 7 pounds and 13 ounces this is a rifle you want to carry. They are available in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor They guarantee sub MOA with match grade ammo. With that said I was able to shoot a best of .47 with Hornady's Precision Hunter. That is very impressive and i'm positive after tweaking with reloads that number would tighten up substantially. The barrel is a Kreiger #4 Heavy Sporter contour to help keep the weight down while maintaining a higher degree of accuracy. This combination really did the trick, repeatable impacts on a 5 inch target at nearly 400 yards gave me the confidence that this rifle system is highly capable in any hunting scenario. The action itself is the Atlas Tactical 90 degree throw 2 lug design and not only did I fall in love with the incredible feel of this action everyone that got behind it mention the extreme ease of running the bolt.


Bushnell DMR2

Description (from Bushnells site)

Long Range Shooters demand accuracy, precision and repeatability when engaging distant targets. Designed for serious long-range and precision shooters, the new Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II-I delivers all of that in a powerful, short package.

The compact DMR II measures just over 13 inches and provides long-range precision without sacrificing short-range capability. Features a black finish and the G3, G3-i and Horus Vision H59 reticles.

The new G3 illuminated reticle provides precision holdovers at any range and also allows shooters to more quickly engage moving targets in any light. The scope's illumination control is integrated with the side parallax focus in one simple knob for easy adjustability.

The ThrowHammer Lever makes magnification changes a snap with the flick of a finger. The elevation turret provides 10 mils of adjustment per revolution and is also equipped with the easy-to-set RevLimiter zero stop for a positive return to zero.

The features on the new DMR II-i scope add up to more time looking through your scope and less time adjusting it. The only thing more fun than drilling a target 1,000 yards away is doing it faster and more efficiently.

  • Exclusive EXO Barrier Protection - Bushnell's newest and best protective lens coating molecularly bonds to the glass, repelling water, oil, dust, debris and preventing scratches.
  • IPX7 Waterproof construction - O-ring sealed optics stay dry inside, when immersed in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.
  • Throwhammer Throw Lever - Allows for quick magnification changes with a simple flick of a finger.


I own 3 scopes from Bushnell ranging from the Rimfire scope I use for my youngest sons 22 To the LRTSi Elite and This DMR2 and I have to say i'm a fan. Especially in the "Elite" line up. The edge to edge clarity, revlimiter, tracking consistency and yes the "ThrowHammer" its a great feature that you don't really know you need until you don't have one. I use the G3 reticles but they also offer the Horus H59. If you have never looked through a Bushnell do yourself and your wallet a favor!



Trigger Tech Diamond 2 stage

I own 2 other single stage triggers from Trigger tech that I thought was the end of my search for the "perfect" trigger. Then came along this magical trigger, and I have to admit they really outdone themselves. The wall and pull is the exact same every single time I tested it with my "Wheeler Trigger Puller scale" This is brand new and available August 7 2020 for $239.00 USD. Again I put all my rifles in the hands of as many people I can from experienced hunters to a brand new shooter, literally she has never ever fired a gun of any kind so it was an honor and privilege to be able to experience that with her. I would have them all dry fire a few times until they were comfortable with how the trigger operates. Nothing but smiles from every single person. If you think you are a "single stage" shooter think again and give this beauty a shot!




BT65-LW17 Gen. 2 CAL Atlas Bipod

The CAL (Cant And Loc) Atlas Bipods were developed for shooters that do not desire the Panning feature.

The BT65-LW17 mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail via the included ADM-170-S Lever. It is comprised of 6061-T6 aluminum that is Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized and have heat treated stainless steel components. Available in black only. We chose to support a legend in the shooting sports by using the original KMW “Pod-Loc™.” Read how to adjust the Pod-Loc™ lever below.

  • Height Range: 4.75–9.0" (6.64” at 90°)
  • Cant: 45 degrees
  • Position Button 0.5" diameter
  • 5 leg positions: 0, 45, 90, 135 & 180 degrees
  • Non-Rotating Legs: outer leg does not rotate around inner leg
  • Larger, stronger inner legs
  • Weight: 14.57 ounces
  • Footprint: 9–12.5"

(description from Atlas)

I'm certain its basically impossible to destroy this bipod which is exactly what i need. The five leg position is my favorite feature. This is a serious upgrade over my Harris bipods and I couldn't be happier!



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