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I'm unable to put into words how much I appreciate everyone's support. This idea of Bolt Gunners began February 5th of 2018 and almost 2 years into this idea we have come a long way. I wanted to take some time and explain where I would like to move this in the future.
First and foremost I will continue to share your photos because I think we all need to support each other. I don't think I need to explain what the social media platforms are doing to the Gun Industry. I would like to start selling more rifle related gear on my website. I will continue to sell the shirts, mugs etc.  but I would like for this to be the spot where you can go read a blog about the latest gear/reviews and grab some parts for your rifles.  From chassis/stocks, Scopes, magazines...basically everything. If your own a company and would like to work together please contact me.
Again a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, lets make 2020 the year! Keep introducing the world of Precision Shooting to new people and show them how incredibly fun and challenging it is.

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